How To Change The Address In LIC Policy?

Many of the people buying lic policies and the address are the same in that policy but the customer wants to change the address. If he/she wants to change the address he goes to branch or change it online. Even the customers who want to change the address in policy are taking the advice from an agent who makes the policy. Many problems you can face when you can’t change the address in your lic policy.

address change lic

This is required for the people who will be a part of lic policy becauseotherwise, it must create a problem at the end of maturity date when the premium time is coming. By the way, it is good to make relation with lic branch and you can update your address and phone number for it. Updating the address in lic policies are an important aspect to get premium in last. There are the two ways to update your address in the lic policies.

 Steps To Change the Address in Policy with Offline Method

  • Visit home branch
  • Write a letter to lic India
  • Submit the letter with address proof
  • Company verify the address
  • Now wait for the updates
  • Once update then you can check

steps to change address in lic policy

Visit Home Branch

If you want to change the address of your lic policy then you will go to the nearby branch of the lic. You can ask about your problem to employees and the employees can suggest the possible ways to change the address. This is the first step that you can follow if you want to change the address of your lic policy.You will get your solution to change the address on there and you have needed to visit on time otherwise it will create problems.

Write a Letter To LIC India

When you think about to change the address in your lic policy then you can write the letter to lic India. You have to mention the policy number too which address you want to changeand give the statement to change the address in your lic policy. This is required to give the statement otherwise they deny the process of change your lic policy address. Lic India can’t change the address without statement because it is a legal process to change it.

Submit the Letter with Address Proof

After writing the letter with the proper statement and policy number then you have to need to submit the letter in lic branch which is nearby you. There is also need to attach the address proof with the letter because without new address proof copy you can’t change the address. When you submit the copy of your new address then remind it and submit the new and clean copy of your address. Submit the clean copy is save your time and change the address faster in your policy.

Company Verify the Address

Now, the company verified the address and it is required to save from fraud cases because of many fraud cases are found. The company has the power to verify your address and it will send their employees to your for verification of the address. When you satisfy the employees of lic then you will see to change the address in the profile.

Now Wait For the Updates

This is not a faster process becausecompany has verified all the details first then you will wait for the update of address. You can see after sometime if the address is changed then it will be done otherwise you can confirm it through the lic staff. In many cases, the address is changed but you will wait for sometime.

Once Update Then You Can Check

When it is updating once in your profile then you can check it in your profile but this process is much longer from the online changing process. Finally, you will update it and now you can’t face any problem to get your premium at the end.

As you know, in the upper paragraphs there are two ways listed so, this is the one way to change your address in lic policy with offline and now you can read about all the details of changing the address in lic policy with online method.

offline online address change lic

Steps To Change the Address In LIC Policy With Online Medium

When you think about to change the address in your lic policy then you can change it at your home. This is the time-saving process to change the address with online medium and it will help you to stay away from paddled your feet. If you want to change the address in lic policy online then you login the portal first with your registered id and password.

  • Visit the app first
  • Click on the enroll policies in the left and enroll it.
  • After that click to enroll new policies
  • Enter your policy number and premium
  • Once enroll then download/print it
  • Lic branch will verify all details
  • Once verified then go to the profile
  • Finally, update your new address and submit

lic address change online

Visit the App First

While changing the address in your lic policy, you have the option to change the address with online medium. It is the easiest method to change your address and it is possible when you registered with your account. If you don’t have an account then lich has providedan option to make the new account to change the address. This is the step that you can follow to change the address in your lic policy.

Click On the Enroll Policies in Left and Enroll It

After this, you can click on the enroll policies in the left menu bar then you have the permission to enroll it because you fill the right id or password. Now, you have the right to enroll all the policies that you submittedto the lic branch. This is useful to see all the policies at your home and you can’t go anywhere to confirm it.

After that Click to Enroll New Policies

Once you opened your id with security password then you will access all your account and see all the details because you have right to access it. You can do some click to enroll the policies and at the end, you can see the proceed icon to enroll it. You will enroll all the policies now and watch all the details of policies.

Enter Your Policy Number and Premium

If you want to change the address of your policy then it is required to fill the right policy number in that blank column. You will right the premium details and also write the mane of insured to change the address in your profile. If you don’t have the policy number then go and download the policy receipt first to access for changes the address.

Once Enroll then Download/Print it

When you enrolled once then you have needed to download the PDF file of that changed address for proof. If you can’t download it then you have one more option to print it and take a hard copy of change your address of lic policy. This is all possible when you enroll it and follow the older steps in proper way.

LIC Branch Will Verify All the Details

Now, you have done all your work and the work of lic branch is a startbecause they want to verify all the details first. It is required to get all the details and savethe policy from frauds.This is not an immediate processso you can wait for some time until that time when it can’t be verified. It is essentials to get all the details because submit the right details at the maturity time.

Once Verified Then Go To the Profile

When it is verified then you will go to the profile and look at the option to change the address in lic policy. After finding the option of changing the address, you have needed to fill the right information about your address. If you can’t fill the right or proper information then you will face problems to get premium. So, always update the right information to avoid all the problems to get premium.

Finally, Update New Address and Submit

In the end, you will update your new address and submit the address to your account. Now, you will avoid all the basic and major problems that you will face to prove the right address to your lic policy. Updating the new address is helpful because you can complete all your details after this.

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