How To Download LIC Policy Receipt Online?

Sometime this will happen that you lost your LIC receipt and this is the only one proof of your premium. When you lost your LIC slip then you can make a call to your agent and if he regrets then you can make a call on helpline number to get your slip. They suggest the way to get your slip and advice you to download it through LIC official application. You follow all the procedure that staff suggest you and get your premium list for next deposit.

download lic receipt

Basically, there are two ways to get the receipt and one of them is online or other one is offline. In case of offline you will visit the office to get the slip but if you get the slip with online medium then you will fill your registered id to get your slip. There is a chance to get your list and you may have to get it when you can’t find it on email. You will know about the importance of lic slip at the end of the year because without this slip you can’t take your premium.

Steps to download the lic premium policy receipt online

If you want to download the lic premium receipt then it is important to register first for the lic e-services because without registering at this you can’t download the policy receipt online.

  • Visit on the LIC home page and click on the available online services
  • Select the registered user option between the two of them
  • Submit the User ID and Password
  • Now you will go to the direct e-services page
  • Click on the available two options
  • Select the policy number to download
  • Finally, you can download the print or PDF file of your policy receipt

download lic receipt stepsVisit the LIC Home Page and Click on The Available Online Services

In some cases, people lost their lic premium slip and the premium slip is the only one source to submit the next policy. If you want to get this premium lic slip online then you will take help from the customer services of lic. Lic has the best one customer staff which helps customers and solves all the problems of the customers. The first step you can follow to download the lic premium slip is clicked on the link of e-services. You have needed to get some information because there are four options and you select the one of your use.

Select the Registered User Option between the Two Of Them

When you open the link of e-services then you see the two options on there and that option is of a new user or a registered user. Lic services have provided all the facilities online and you can get all the services online which you have in the branch. There are two options on there that you can see but you have to choose the right one and right one option is registered user option. This option is for that personwho already has an account in the LIC home.

Submit the User Id and Password

After click on the registered one option, you have a list to fill your id and password to enter on the e-services page. You have needed to fill the user if that you created to enter in theapplication and fill the security password too which secure your account. When you fill this id and password then you have the authority to enter on the services page. In some cases, people forget the user id or password and in that case,you can forget password option.

Same case is of forget the id then you can click on the forget user id option. Lic has provided all the facilities to customers which help their customers to get all services at home.

Now You Will Go To the Direct E-Services Page

During the download process of your premium list, you will enter the registered id and password then you can go to the e-services page option. When you entered on the lic e-services page then you have the authority to access your policy and check all the featuresof that application.E-services page has provided a lot of function that you can use to get all the services at your home. Here is the list of some features that you can see and use these functions to access all the work of lic premium.

  • You check the policy schedule
  • You have the optionto check policy status
  • Check the claim status
  • Option of loan status is also available on it
  • Generate the policy revival quotation
  • Images of proposal and policy are available
  • Option of pay the premium online
  • Remember you the premium date with premium calendar
  • Check the policy claim history
  • Update profile
  • Change password
  • Option of adding or enroll policies are also given on there

Click on The Available Two Options

When you go to the e-services page then you can see two options on theirwhich of them one is consolidatedpremium paid statement andanother one is individual policy premium paid statement. Consolidated premium paid statement help you to download the premium paid statement of all your policies. Individual option is the same of this type and you can download the individual policy premium paid statement.

Select the Policy Number To Download

At this stage, you have needed to select the financial year of your premium date because this is required to download the premium lic receipt online. You have needed to fill the policy number in case of individual policy premium paid settlementto download the policy receipt of your current policy year. Policy number is only required in the individual premium paid and if anyone wants to download a consolidated premium paid then no policy number is required.

Finally, You Can Download The Print Or Pdf File Of Your Policy Receipt

download lic pdf receipt

At this stage, you can download the pdf version of your lic policy receipt online and have the proof of your lic premiums that you were lost. There is one more option you have to print the same page and get your receipt of lic premium policy online instead of goes to lic branch. Now, you get your receipt and it helps you to get tour premium finally at the end of maturity date.

If anyone lic customer lost the receipt of lic premium policy then he/she is using these steps to download the lic receipt easily. This must be used for customers of lic because it is the simple way to pay your premium with the lic app. These upper listed steps help you to download your lost receipt and you can get the receipt online without going to any branch.

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