LIC Of India e-Services

Life Insurance Corporation is the oldest Indian company which has earned the customers by their transparency with customers.Transparency always plays an important role to give the huge success to any of the business. Someone who thinks about to buy the premium then he buys through LIC because of its efficient services. It makes the policies to diverse the needs of people and provides policies to every people during their budgets.

Lic-e services make the payments and easy and you can easily see all the details about your premium through online medium. Now people do not have any agents to pay the premium for their policies and it is possible by e-services. You can easily pay the premium by filling up your lic policy no in the e-services portal of pay the lic policy. It is a hassle-free manner which maintains a suitable way to pay all the premiums.

lic e services

The e-services of lic can easily avail to anyone who starts to fill the premium first with Life Insurance Corporation. There is one external benefit to visit at e-services page that you will see the entire updates which need during the policy period.

Purpose of LIC E-Services

Nowadays LIC give the opportunity to customers and customers will maintain their policy by self. This is a smart feature which solves all the queries of customers in a minute and customer don’t need to face any circumstances to pay the policies online. You will see the list of some purposes which motivates you to get the online e-services.

  • The foremost purpose is paying the payments online without facing any big lines at the office of LIC.
  • You can see the entire reviews and checks the status of your premium in the LIC e-portal.
  • There is one more purpose to get the lic e-services and you can check the status of your loan details in this smart option.
  • If you want to edit the names of your nominee then you can enter it easily instead of contacting your agent.
  • To get the information about policies and access the design of policy means which time you will get the premium.
  • You will register your complaints online which relates to insurance policies.
  • The last but not least purpose to get e-services is to save your time to pay the premium.

Features of LIC e-Services

The customers of LIC enjoy a lot of the benefits with the comprehensive features which offered by the LIC. It actually gives a path which develops new ideas of saving and you will save your money to get doubles and triples according to policies. In the present days, LIC develop some new techniques which have a lot of the features and one of the most supportive ways is e-services. As you all know the branches of LIC are available in all the cities but now you can check all the series online with modern technology.Much of the supportive features are which help you to get the premium with external benefits.

  • It gives the satisfaction to make your payments self and you can do it by your registered account which allows opening.
  • The top features of the e-services are to tracking become ease and you can track all the dates or due dates online by this. This provides the way to rule on the premium of late payments sometimes.
  • Nowadays made the payment through online portal becomes ease and you can check all the payments.
  • By accessing the e-services, customers will get the receipt of the payments which require getting the proof of payment. You can’t wait to have the receipt of your payment and get the receipt instantly.
  • It gives a smart way to check the status of the policy and you can check it by visiting the website.
  • You don’t have any need to make the new account every time when you want to buy a new The new policy will add with that old policy premium.
  • One more important feature of the LIC e-services is that you can’t share any data with your bank through payment of your premium.
  • The online portal provides infinite opportunities to the customers of abroadinstead of maintaining the policy online. Online portal gives the advantage to use the internet banking and card payments both with credit and debit card.It makes the payment of process ease unless paying the payments with handyIt also saves the money and you can’t pay any extra money to their agents to maintain the policy.
  • You can get this e-services portal without paying any money to and you can claim it easily.

Process to Register on the LIC e-service Portal

To register the e-services is a simple thing that you can do. The users who don’t have the account LIC e-services then those users will open the account first to register on the e-services. It may be difficult for new users but not now after following these steps which are given below.

  • First of all, you can go to the official website of the LIC.
  • In the website, you need to find the portal of the e-service.
  • After that, you can go to the new page where you see two option of registered and new account. You can click on the new user option to access in the e-services
  • You need to fill the policy number and details which mentioned in the documents of the policy properly.
  • You have to create the username and password to access it to the e-services again.
  • Now you can select the option of registered account and enter to the page of lic e-portal easily.