LIC Kanyadan Plan Details

Do you want to make the perfect future plan for the marriage of your girl child? In India, every parent will need to get the financial planning and backup for the marriage of girl child. It is not possible for everyone, especially middle-class families to arrange money for girl marriage.

As a perfect solution to secure the future of your girl child, Life Insurance of India launched LIC Kanyadan Policy. This policy is launched to provide benefits to the parents for financial backup for the marriage of girl child. If you want to get all the information and details about LIC Kanyadan plan, you will find it with Verified Policy.

Benefits of LIC Kanyadan Plan

Due to regular expenses for middle-class families, it may be difficult to save money for marriage of a daughter. When you think that it is the perfect time to plan for a marriage of your daughter, you will find perfect help with LIC Kanyadan Policy. It will help to get rid of the burden of financial planning for the marriage of your daughter. It is a perfect gift that you can give to your daughter so that she does not face any kind of problem due to financial issue in her future.

Even if the father expired, there will be lots of benefits of LIC Kanyadan policy for daughter. In the cases of accidental death, there will be immediate payment of 10 lakh to the nominee. In the case of non-accidental death of the father, the immediate payment will be of 5 Lakh. It is possible to give this precious gift as the best option for your daughter for her secured future.

Eligibility criteria:

This policy can be availed by father of a girl child and the girl herself will not be able to get on the benefits of this policy.

Age limit:

If you want to get the benefits of LIC Kanyadan plan, you should have at least 18 years and maximum age limit for the applicant is 50 years.

Insurance term:

The applicants will be able to get the benefits of this policy for 13 – 25 years.

The limit for a sum assured:

The minimum limit of sum assured will be 1 lakh rupees and there is no maximum limit 4 sums assured for applicants.

Terms to pay a premium:

The terms to pay a premium will be 3 years less then turn off policy. For example, if the term of the policy is 25 years, the applicant will need to make payments of Premium for 22 years.

The Premium for LIC Kanyadan Policy

Not verified policy, we try our best to provide detailed information about LIC Kanyadan policy for all interested people. If you want to get the benefits of this policy for security feature of your family, you will understand the complete details about this policy with the premium details.

If you save 60 rupees daily for 25 years, then you get an amount of 13.50 lakhs on maturity. If you deposit only Rs 4,68,375 then you will get 13.50 lakh rupees in 25 years.

Key Features of LIC Kanyadan Plan

LIC Kanyadan plan is specially designed to protect the future of daughter on the occasion of marriage. It is a good option for every father because of the following features:

  • In the case of death of the father, the premium of this Kanyadan policy will wave off.
  • There will be a claim of 10 lakh on accidental death
  • On non-accidental death, there will be a claim of 5 lakh.
  • Until the date of maturity, there will be payment of 50000 every year.
  • At the time of maturity, there will be payment of full maturity amount.

Because of all these beneficial key features, LIC Kanyadan policy is a perfect choice for every father who is looking to protect the future of daughter. If you do not want to take the headache of financial arrangements for your daughter’s marriage, you can choose LIC Kanyadan policy at the right time.

Understand LIC Kanyadan Policy Before Getting:

If you want to understand all the benefits of LIC Kanyadan policy in a better way, it is possible to find the detailed information at Verified Policy. Let us try to understand the benefits with a good example given below:

For example:

Father’s age: 30 years

Daughter’s age: 1 year

SA: Rs. 7,50,000

Term 20/20 without any rider

In this case, if you are making the monthly payment of Rs 1844 for 25 years, there will be a maturity amount of 13.50 lacs. In this case, the applicant invested 4,68,375 as per the premium installments in 25 years. Therefore, it is a very beneficial policy that can protect the future of every daughter by providing financial help at the time of marriage.

Payment Time for Premium

LIC Kanyadan policy, the applicants will get options to make payments for premiums on a monthly quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis. The option of salary deduction is also available as per the terms and conditions of this policy. There will be the grace period of 30 days according to the policy terms.

How is LIC Kanyadan Plan Unique Option?

In the Insurance sector of the country, it is the only plan of its kind. It is designed to provide financial help to every family at the time of daughter’s marriage. Even if the father expired, the girl will be able to find benefits of this financial plan to fulfill the requirements.

At Verified Policy, you always try to help you to choose the right insurance plan to fulfill your needs and requirements for a lifetime. You already know that life can be very short and it is not easy to save money for the future and marriage of your daughter.

 If you want to protect the future of daughter in every case, you should always go with LIC Kanyadan policy as a good option. You can contact any LIC agent to get this policy. If something happens to the father, the daughter will immediately get benefits of 5 or 10 lakh rupees as per the terms and conditions.