LIC of India Registration Process

Nowadays LIC offers plenty of premium policies to people and people who are interested to get the policy to invest in this. This is a modern technique to save your money which will build up the success for your loved ones. You can find the way to make a path of success for your family after you. Premium policy is like a family member which actually disappears but helps you in your difficult time.

Many of the insurers are available in the market but if you want to ensure the premium then you need to find the insurer who can’t take much interest. A good insurer who has the knowledge of all the insurance always helps you to deal with best premium policies. Actually, buy the good premium policy is not easy but you can find it through your insurer because he/she has the right to access all the policies of their field.  If you want to register the policy to get the benefits of premium then you can find an insurer who insured it under proper details.

There are two ways to register for the policy and the ways are online and offline and in the offline, the insurer will fill out all the details.

lic registration

Register the Policy of LIC Online With Few Steps

  • You need to visit the LIC website first
  • Locate the services of online box
  • Now you can click on the portal of the customer
  • Redirected to the lic e-services page
  • Choose the blocks to register it
  • Select new user block
  • You need to enter the user ID and password
  • Login to the portal and select services

You Need to Visit the LIC Website First

If you want to register the premium online then you need to visit the website first because it requires registration. Instead of visit at the website, you can’t register the policy online and the online registration is best method to save the time. One more important thing is that you need to remember and visit the official website of LIC unless you deal with fraud ones sometimes.

Locate the Services of Online Box

When you visit the website online then you need to locate the services of online box which requires registering it. If you want to locate the services online then you can go to the left side of the page and you find the services.

Now You Can Click on the Portal of the Customer

After that, you need to click on the customer portal because of it essential for new users. You have needed to follow these steps procedure-wise unless you can’t register the policy online.

Redirected to the LIC e-services Page

After that, you can go to the LIC e-services page and start the process of registration for e-services in the e-section. E-services is the way of modern technology which helps people to pay all the payment online and you also use the calendar option to get remind your policy date.

Choose the Blocks to Register it

Now you can choose the blocks to register the premium which you want toinsure. There are two blocks here that you can find and the block is of new user and registered user.

Select New User Block

You have to select the block of new user and enter the details which mentioned on there to fill. After that, you can enter the details of policy that you buy and the date of birth which mentioned in the documents of the premium policy. The email id and mobile number also provide there because to provide any important information via texting. When you enter all the details in the column then hit the button tothe proceeding.

You Need to Enter the User id and Password

The user if and password is required to enter the credential details and you can go to the portal of registration by this id and password. After that, the mail of welcome will send to your mobile number and which denotes that your registration is complete. Now you need to login to the website again and this time you have to select the registered user account and open the account by filling up all the details.

Login to the Portal and Select e-services

Now you need to login to the portal and after that, you will see all the services which given on that page.You can enroll the option of policies and ensure that policies too which you start to premium.

Register the Policy of LIC Offline

Whenever you think about to start the policy premium of LIC then you have one more option to start it offline too. You can meet with the insurer who has all the knowledge and skills to premium.After that, the insurer will fill all the details of your policy and you don’t have any need to fill any of the detail. Actually, this way consumes some time but you can do all the things under your permissions.