Welcome to VerifiedPolicy.Com

Welcome to VerifiedPolicy.Com

Verified Policy is one of the trusted and fastest growing insurance comparison websites in the country. Today, lots of companies are available in the country to provide insurance facilities for individuals. To secure the future of your family and business, it is essential to make the right choice while going to get a new insurance plan. With insurance companies going on you will find lots of products including health insurance, life insurance, vehicle insurance, cancer insurance, pension insurance, business insurance and much more.

When it comes to making the right choice to buy a new insurance policy, we are always available to provide step by step guide to every consumer. Now, you can secure the future of your family and financial condition by making the right choice for a good insurance plan available in Indian market.

What is insurance?

What is insurance?

As you all know, there can be various kinds of risks in someone’s life. Without risks, life would be boring for everyone. However, it is important to stay prepared to face all these kinds of risks with confidence. For example, if anything bad happens to your home, business, health for vehicles, you will require financial backup to handle these kinds of financial loss.

Here comes the term insurance to provide complete help to handle the financial loss in such kinds of situations. And the simple words, insurance is like a contract between the buyer and Insurance Company where the policyholder will get the financial protection as per the terms and conditions of the company. The policyholder pays premiums to the company on regular basis and in the cases of search unexpected prices, the company will repay the sum assured amount to the policyholder for better production.

To provide the protection to the insured, every insurance company has its own terms and conditions for the claim settlement and compensation. Today, the insurance companies provide the options of insurance related to your home, business, health, vehicles, property, life and other valuables. We hope that you understand the term insurance in a simpler way now and you want to protect your financial future by getting the best insurance plan available in the market.

Type of Insurance Products Available in the Market:

Type of Insurance Products Available in the Market:

Today, it can be difficult for a middle-class family to handle unexpected financial crisis due to a lossin business, property, health or life. In such kinds of emergencies, insurance plans are available as a good solution for the financial backup for everyone. Today, the insurance companies are getting smarter to understand the needs and requirements of all the individuals. They are trying to provide the new insurance plans to offer the complete protection against any kind of financial emergency to policyholders. If you want to get protected in your future, there will be options to choose from the following kinds of insurance plans with different companies in the market:

Health Insurance

The health-related problems are increasing all over the world and treatments are getting expensive, especially for middle-class families. No one wants to pay lots of money for the treatment of unexpected health problems. While saving the financial backup for such kinds of Health emergencies and problems, Health Insurance plans are available as the perfect option.

In health insurance plans, the companies will cover various kinds of diseases, injuries, surgeries, hospitalization expenses, medical bills and much more as per the terms and conditions. It will be very beneficial for every policyholder because the insurer will handle all the hospitalization expenses and you can get better treatment services for a proper health protection.

Life Insurance

Life is very uncertain and full of risks. There can be hard situations for the family like the uncertain death of any person. In such cases, the other family members may face the financial loss situations if the only earner in the family dies. In such situations, the insurance companies are providing Life Insurance plans for the individuals. They will pay the specific amount as per the terms and conditions of policy to the family of that insured person. It will be a good choice for the future production of your family in case of uncertain death.

Term Insurance

Term insurance plans are available to provide financial coverage benefits to the insured person for the specific time period. In the case of death of the policyholder, the beneficiary will get the claim amount from the insurance company. In this case, the nominee can be any family member or other person nominated by the policyholder. Term insurance is available as a beneficial option for the policyholders who want to find the future protection solution for the family members financially.

Car Insurance

In this type of insurance plan, the company will provide the protection against the events like accident, theft or third party liability of your car. The accidents can happen anytime with your car and you never want to pay lots of money for the repair of damages. In such cases, the car insurance plan will help you in the best way. As per the terms and conditions, the insurance company will provide the financial help to repair the damages to your car as per the choosing insurance plan.

Two Wheeler Insurance: 

And two wheeler insurance policy, the company will provide the coverage benefits against any kind of damage to your motorcycle rider due to unfortunate events like an accident, natural disaster or theft. If the bike rider got any kind of injury or damage to the vehicle during any accident, the insurance company will provide financial help to fill all these damages under the coverage option of this insurance plan. The insurance companies provide all these kinds of insurance plans for all kinds of two wheeler vehicles.

Travel Insurance

To find the great experience of travelling, just go with the travel insurance plan with a good company. Everyone wants to make some of the best memories of a lifetime during the Traveling. However, there can be various unexpected troubles during the domestic or International travelling. To handle such kinds of situations in easiest way comma the travel insurance plans are always beneficial for you. It will keep you stress-free in case of luggage theft, delay flights, loss or other troubles that can cause financial loss.

Cancer Insurance

Cancer insurance policies are different for health insurance plans available in the market. This specific plan is available for people who want to get complete protection against the health problem of cancer in the future. If you have a family history or living in an environment with greater chances of cancer, you should go with cancer insurance plan to secure the future. The expenses of treatment can be very high in the cases of cancer and this insurance policy provides the lots of benefits to the family of the patient. It will include the expenses of diagnosis, treatment, therapy, surgery, hospitalization and much more in the coverage benefits.

Personal Accident Insurance

Due to the increasing risks, accidents can happen to anyone and to handle such situations in a perfect way, personal accident insurance plans are available for the individuals. The companies provide the coverage benefits against the expenses of any kind of accidental case for the insured person. In the crowded countries like India, the chances of accidents are greater and it can cause temporary/permanent disability, impairment, death or other problems for the person. You can ensure the protection against any kind of accident by getting this insurance plan with a trusted company.

Make the Right Choice for Insurance With Verified Policy

To provide a perfect solution for a better choice among all the insurance plans for every individual, Verified Policy professionals are always available here. In India, a large number of insurance companies are available to provide lots of plans to the individuals. In such cases, anyone can get confused to pick the right plan as per the needs and requirements. The buyers need to consider various factors including the terms and conditions, personal requirements, premium rates, benefits and much more before getting the insurance plan.

We are available as the trusted service providers to help you to make the right choice by getting complete information and features of all the insurance policies available in Indian market.

Compare the Best Insurance Plans Quickly

Compare the Best Insurance Plans Quickly

Before purchasing an insurance policy, it is essential for every buyer to compare it with other plans available in the market. You not only want to save your money on premiums but you also want to get better benefits to protect your future by investing in the right insurance plan. Because of so many options, it is not easy for the consumers to compare the plans.

Verified Policy is available to make it easy and quick for every consumer. We are able to help you to compare and choose the best insurance plan by getting the additional features and benefits. If you choose our features to compare the courts of insurance plans, it will be beneficial to save up to 50 – 60% premium as compared to other plans. If you are also confused to choose from the similar types of insurance products available in the market, just use our features to compare the plans and pick the best one to avail the best features and benefits.

How Can We Help?

Verified Policy is a perfect online platform where everyone can find help to invest in the best insurance plans for better protection of future by availing the best benefits. Whether you want to buy a new health insurance, life insurance, car and two-wheeler insurance, travel or personal accident insurance plan, just get free quotes with us and save lots of money on premiums by making a perfect choice.

It is strongly recommended that you compare the best insurance plans available with top companies in the market. If you visit our website, you will get the benefits to compare the plans based on the parameters like premium cost, customer care services, terms and conditions, claim settlement ratio and renewal cost. We are not only working to provide a comparison of all insurance plans but we also help every buyer to get these insurance policies from the best company in the market.

With the announcement of new insurance plans and changes in terms and conditions, we will keep you updated with it by offering the reliable and trusted services. Because of such good assistance to offer the complete details about the insurance plans and companies, we are trusted by a large number of consumers in the market.

You may feel free to contact our professionals anytime because we are available 24/7 to offer help to every consumer. Enjoy the stress-free life with complete protection against all kinds of problems and financial losses in your life by making the right choice for an insurance plan.